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International trademarks

Trademarks abroad

It is possible to get a trademark protection nationally, or in a region or globally.

A national trademark application is filed before a trademark authority in respective country.

In this scenario we co-operate with local agents in a broad international network that enables our clients to obtain protection in virtually any country.

An EU-trademark at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) is an example of a regional trademark.

An international trademark registration is a term for a certain kind of registration that covers many countries and regions. It is also referred to as a registration according to the Madrid system or the Madrid protocol.

The Madrid system

An international trademark application via the Madrid system means that an application is filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva. It is indicated in the application in which member states the application shall cover. WIPO subsequently forwards the application to the trademark authorities in the designated member states. This results in a less costly first filing and a coherent registration that is easy to manage and overlook.
We have long experience of the Madrid system and its structure, including the possibilities but also the limitations.


Trademark protection for the entire European Union is possible to accomplish through an application for an EU-trademark. This kind of application can also be a part of an international registration according to the Madrid system. The EUTM authority EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) In Alicante does not examine for any prior trademarks that might hinder trademark registration. Instead, holders of older similar EUTM’s are informed and it is up to these holders to decide whether to oppose should they consider that there is indeed a conflict.

Noréns can assist in protecting trademarks in a certain country, in a region or internationally by using the systems available and choosing the best option.