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Advisory services

A corner stone of Noréns role as adviser within trademarks is to base advice on analyses supported by facts and long experience of complex issues.


The most common analyses that Noréns provide start by our looking into the client’s market and competition situation, often with a focus on the trademarks themselves:

  • Inherent strength of the trademarks,
  • Potential scope of protection including linguistic and other associations,
  • Correct use, and
  • Sufficient documentation

We also assist the analysis of entire trademark portfolios, for example:

  • How efficiently has the international legal framework been used,
  • Is the portfolio relevant,
  • Are there obstacles for future brand extension or territorial expansion?

We can also carry out analysis regarding any citations or office actions. Are these simply formal remarks or are they serious obstacles?

Based upon the analyses we provide concrete advice, sometimes directly at a meeting and sometimes after more comprehensive investigation.


A trademark portfolio of long-term value needs a long-term strategy in order to do the right thing at the right time and at the right effort. Noréns can draft and implement strategies that are well balanced, clear and efficient, from graphic guidelines and policies to more complex naming and protection strategies.


The value of a trademark hinges to great extent on how well managed the trademark is and how much impact the trademark has had on the market. Documentation that show how the trademark is used is not only valuable for providing feed-back concerning proper use but also to facilitate future valuations, negotiations, oppositions and infringement proceedings.

Noréns can assist in compiling and structuring relevant documentation that directly or indirectly show the trademark’s reputation, strength and value.


Another kind of advice we can provide is to give our opinion about any advice a third party has given to a client. It is sometimes valuable to get a second opinion even when it confirms previous conclusions.

Valuation services

Trademarks are usually valued according to certain standards. Noréns can provide the necessary legal opinion part of the valuation, to give a statement concerning the scope of protection and strength of a trademark.