Grupp_Bertil_Sofia_Christoffer_1Copyright protection is obtained through the creation of something attaining a certain threshold of originality, a work which is both original and individual. Copyright offers any originator the right to decide how the protected work should be used and reproduced. A copyright is valid until 70 years past the death of the originator. The protection is formless, and it is consequently highly recommended to document the work diligently.

We can offer you assistance regarding the assessment of copyright protection and provide secure documentation of the protected material.

Copyright protection offers the originator both economical and non-economic rights to control protected works, and the requirement of permission to use the work are often linked to copyrights. Copyright infringement can occur if protected copyright material or work is used without permission.

We can offer you strategic and result oriented advice regarding copyright protection, for instance concerning agreements, infringement cases and documentation of copyright.