Anders Bratt

European Patent Attorney


T  +46 8 545 874 03
M  +46 70 622 73 51

Anders Bratt has a PhD from the Karolinska Institute and has a law degree from the University of Uppsala. He has been a patent attorney at Noréns since 2013. Anders is experienced in patents in the fields of software, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology and medtech. In addition, Anders has expertise in infringement and contractual issues primarily related to patents and designs. Anders has expert knowledge in biotechnology and pharma regarding, in particular antibodies, immunology, peptides, second medical use and SPCs. His work at the Karolinska institute involved characterization of proteins involved in angiogenesis, a process critical for tumor growth. During 2008-2013, Anders worked as a patent attorney at another firm, and before that he was a lawyer at RydinCarlsten Advokatbyrå. Anders is a partner and is the deputy managing partner at Noréns. Anders is authorized to represent clients before the European Patent Office since he is a European patent attorney. He is also a Swedish patent attorney.

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