Swedish Patent Office will cease to send patent letters

Beginning in 2019, the Swedish Patent Office (SPO) will cease to send out physical patent letters. SPO referst to the publication of the patent on their web site. A printed patent letter can still be ordered from PRV, and Noréns will order such letters for our...

New Swedish Trademark Legislation

In the beginning of 2019, the new Swedish trademark law will be modernized and adapted to the EU. One important news is that the requirement for graphical reproduction is removed. It will therefore be possible for The Swedish Patent and Registration Office to register...

Welcome Gunnar

We are very happy to welcome Gunnar Hjalt to the firm. Gunnar will take the role as head of the trademark department at Noréns.

Welcome Stefan

Noréns are very happy to velcome Stefan Lautmann to the firm. Stefan will take the role as head of patents and also support clients in patent strategy work.

Shortened time for national phase entry in Canada

Canada amends its patent law the 30 October 2019 and PCT applications filed on that day and later have to be filed within the 30-month time limit from the priority date. To be able to file late, in case of failure to meet the 30-month time limit, evidence showing that...