• Trademarks
    A trademark can consist of all signs that can be represented graphically, and may consist of one or more words, numbers, a shape, or a combination thereof. A distinction is made between word marks, registered as words with no special design, and figurative marks registered in a specific presentation.
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  • Patents
    In order to be granted a patent for an invention, the invention must be described in such detail so that a skilled person in the relevant art can perform it. Since a patent application becomes public after 18 months from the date of filing, the inventive knowledge can form part of the basis for further technological developments by third parties.
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  • Designs
    A design protection covers the aesthetic appearance as such of a product, a part of a product or an ornament. The technical function of a product is not included in the protection, but can instead be protected using a patent. Like patents, designs are national and can be obtained by application to a national patent office.
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  • Domain names
    We recomment that you regularly review your domain portfolio in order to see which domain names you use and which ones you will use. We are at your service for a discussion of the measures to be taken.
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  • Copyright
    Copyright protection is obtained through the creation of something attained the high standard required of a work and the work should display originality and individuality. Copyright offers any creative person the right to decide how the protected work should be used and reproduced.
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Welcome to Noréns Patentbyrå AB

Noréns Patentbyrå is a full-service patent law firm, covering all aspects of intellectual property law. As such, we can assist in high quality drafting, filing and prosecuting Swedish and European patent, trademark and design applications, as well as validations in Sweden of European patents.

Noréns Patentbyrå was founded in 1957 by M Sc Helge Norén. During the years, we have developed a large expertise withing the field of intellectual property and a broad international contact network.

Today, Noréns is a middle-sized patent law firm, with a strong client focus. For us, it goes without saying that each case and each advice live up to the highest professional standard, coupled with a personal touch. We believe that it is important to create a longterm relationship with each individual client. That way, we can achieve a good sense of the business situation, and how the use of intellectual property rights can be optimised.

Our strength is a combination of solid technical and business knowledge and a deep understanding of the different regulatory systems around the world. A high level of knowledge and long experience goes hand in hand with creativity and problem solving ability. Our patent attorneys deal within all fields of technology, also chemistry and life science. Furthermore, we have a long standing experience in litigation.

As professional representatives, we can among other things help you with all matters concerning patents, trademarks and designs. The earlier in the process we come in, the more pitfalls we can help you to avoid. We can help you with all aspects of intellectual property, from strategic questions, via analysis of the portfolios of competitors and possible infringement situations, to the analysis of how to best protect your own ideas and to draft and prosecute applications. Furthermore, we can help you maintain your rights and protect them against possible infringers.

We are members of the large business organisations within the fields of patents, trademarks and designs.

Very welcome to visit us for a discussion about your ideas and how to make the best out of them!


More detailed information for foreign associates

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Noréns is now a member of SACG

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