Welcome to learn more about Chinese Trademark Strategies!

Welcome to learn more about Chinese Trademark Strategies!

China is an increasingly significant market to European companies. Only Beijing has 25 million people and China has a total of 1,4 billion people, compared to the EU’s 500 million. Not only laws and practice are different in China from an EU perspective, but also the way trademarks are being created and used. To build a solid trademark protection and to avoid infringement it is crucial to be aware of such differences.

Did you know that Chinese companies and consumers tend to identify foreign trademarks by using Chinese equivalents? The translation can be phonetic, such as the fast-food trademark Subway that is translated to the Chinese characters 赛百味 (pronounced as SAI BAI WEI in Chinese) with the 3 Chinese characters from left to right meaning “surpass”, “hundred or multiple” and “taste” respectively. It can also be literal, such as the Chinese trademark for Apple which is simply the Chinese translation 苹果, pronounced as PING GUO. The translation can also be a combination of both.

We have invited our local counsels from the Chinese Patent and Trademark Law Office CCPIT, Mr. Aimin Huh, Trademark Litigator, and Ms. Zhou Ling, Trademark Prosecutor, to explain this and to answer your questions during a breakfast seminar on September 17, 2018 at 09:00-11:30 in our office, Narvavägen 12 in Stockholm.

The seminar will be held in English and please let us know if you have any food allergies. See full invitation here

Please RSVP before September 01, 2018 to reception@norens.se