Still_Askar_1A trademark can be put together of all signs that can be represented graphically, and may encompass one or more words or numbers, a shape, or a combination thereof. A distinction is made between word marks, registered as words with no special design, and figurative marks registered in a specific presentation. A trademark can also be a special appearance in a product, which is classified as a three dimensional mark. It is also, in some cases, possible to register colors, slogans and melodies as trademarks.

When applying for trademark protection it is important to wisely choose which goods and services that should be protection by the registration. The goods and services are divided into standardized classes. Here is a commented list of the international Nice classification system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in classifying your trademark, and preparing the strategies on how and where your trademark should be registered. We can also investigate whether the mark is available in Sweden and abroad, and to evaluate its protective capabilities.